Set key mapping for YMDK Split keyboard with QMK

3 min readMay 16, 2022

The Bootmapper software suggested by YMDK didn’t work for me. After some research, I found QMK to be a great solution 🎉.

It takes just four straightforward steps to customize your keyboard layout!

1. Create your key mapping (hex)

  • Visit and confirm that “ymdk/sp64” is selected.
  • Config your layout by dragging and dropping keys.
  • When you ready, click the [compile] button.
  • Download the “Firmware” file once compiling is finish.

2. Install QMK Toolbox

  • Visit the QMK website on github.
  • Download the version that matches your computer’s operating system (Windows, macOS, etc.) and follow the installation instructions.
  • Run the software: Find and launch QMK Toolbox. Allow permissions (if needed)
  • Open your file: Click the “Open” button in QMK Toolbox and find the firmware file you downloaded earlier.
  • Select “ATmega32A”: Locate the “MCU” dropdown menu and choose the “ATmega32A” option.

Optional: Check the firmware code for added peace of mind

  • If you’d like to be extra sure, you can open the QMK firmware file you downloaded in a text editor.
  • Look for a line that specifies “ATmega32A” as the microcontroller (MCU). This confirms it’s the right file for your keyboard.

3. Connect keyboard to your computer while hold [Left-Ctrl]

Unplug your board and plug it back in while holding [Left-CTRL], the bottom left key. It doesn’t matter if you’ve remapped it elsewhere it’ll always be that key

QTM Toolbox should say something like “BootloadHID device connected: ….”

3. Connect your keyboard to your computer

  • Unplug your keyboard. Press and hold the [Left-Ctrl] key.
  • While holding [Left-Ctrl], plug your keyboard back into your computer.
    **It doesn’t matter if you’ve remapped it elsewhere it’ll always be that key
  • You should see a message like “BootloadHID device connected: …” This means it’s ready!

Now you ready to flash you keyboard 👍

  • Click the [Flash] button in QMK Toolbox.
  • Do not unplug your keyboard while it’s flashing! This could mess up the process.

Done 🎉




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